All comics up, and accounted for (although a little grainy)

Hi, welcome to the ‘Adventures of Heinrich Von Bastard’. Where to begin explaining all this. Well it all started somewhere here: www.somethingawful.com  Under the name of Hellbastard (which happens to be the name of a metal band, that had, at the time split up as far as I knew,  (they got back together) so that’s why this site is called www.hellbastardcomix.com and why Heinrich Von Bastard is often referred to as Hellbastard, as most people that have followed these silly drawings prior to this site’s existence know me by that name.  So sorry for the confusion or inconvenience if there is any.

About the Comics.

These comics were all drawn  by mouse in Microsoft Paint as part of a traditional challenge that became habit.(Allthough photoshop has been used about three times for blur effects) Thanks to a mysterious benefactor who I will only mention by name if he says that’s cool (Internet anonymity and all that) Future projects will be hopefully drawn with the aid of a tablet. (once I get used to it).

They were compressed a little for internet friendliness which has resulted in a little graininess.  Depending on popularity I might produce physical printed versions of some of these comics if people want them. This site has yet to be finished so comments, message boards,  contact information is yet to be provided. So I’m just going to assume you like it until the facilities are there for you to slag it out.

As the stories stand in this current order:

Is actually a prequel to the adventures that have been covered here and elsewhere.  So it’s the most recently drawn and should hopefully explain that origins of the Heinrich Von Bastard and why he’s a giant floating skull.

A sort o f proquel to Birth of a Bastard. Birth of a Bastard starts in Hell in 2006 then covers Earth history from 1776 to the start of  World War 2, but glosses over the pirate years (1830s to World War 1). This comic covers those pirate years.

Is about the successful end of civilisation as we know it at the hands of  Mr. Von Bastard. Yeah that’s a bit of a spoiler, but then again, look at the title. It’s also an origins story about the band Spectrox Toxemia www.myspace.com/spectroxtoxemia (if you want to hear)

King Viet Kong a short story made short by my not knowing to where to go with it. Might open that to  public control at some point, when I have nothing better to do that serve a as a choose your own adventure dancing monkey for the amusement of others

Based on a Something Awful Forums art thread. A Speculative collection of insights into a potential future exploring random moments that highlight the many fears and concerns of aspiring parents.

Random crap originally posted on www.somethingawful.com mostly of no relevance to anything else here buy stuff I was shamefully proud of and wanted to preserve. Stuff that is largely out of context but not as bafflingly out of context as the multitudes of esoteric gibberish I’ve wilfully omitted from this collection. Which is shame because a lot of that would explain how the character of Heinrich Von Bastard first emerged. Primarily a series of drawings by many contributors in which avatars battled each other.

A parody of X-Men Comics. Ends abruptly and with loose ends. May come back to finish it, but it does amuse me to have it end where it seems to. So who knows.

Well, hope that sheds some light on why this site exists.



New Desktop 1680x1050

Just toying around with Ideas. I hope you like this one.

Open to suggestions

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it's http://www.hellbastardcomix.com in case you forgot, or can't be bothered looking up.


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