"X-Bastards" : 006 Showdown

showdown magneto hellbastard heinrich von bastard
Magneto: So it’s true... some idiot giant floating skill got himself coated in an indestructible metal and chose the side opposing the guy who can control all metals by manipulating magnetic fields.
Well I don’t normally like to gloat, but this is going to be pretty easy. I’d give up now if I were you. Unless you want to join with me and destroy the human race for their bigotry!
Heinrich Von Bastard: Look buddy. Firstly, I’m not destroying the human race until I’ve consumed the world’s supply of alcohol... and even then I’ll be too busy snorting cocaine through the hollowed out finger bones of orphans to join up with some angry Jew in a helmet.
Maybe a month or two late, I might have some time but even then, what would be the point?
Besides which you don’t scare me, what can YOU do to ME?!?
Magneto:  How about this?
Heinrich Von Bastard: Aghhh... always with the eyes!

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