"X-Bastards" : 005 Night Out

night club storm cyclops x-men dance floor
Heinrich Von Bastard: Hey One-eye, seeing as Stormy won’t tell Frenchie if the drapes match the rug let’s liven up the dance floor a bit. Let’s give give it a bit of a laser show.
Cyclops: That’s really not a good idea.
Heinrich Von Bastard:  Sure it is. You shoot me in the head and the red beam will reflect off me like a mirror-ball into harmless refracted little tiny thin beams that wouldn’t harm a fly but WILL make the place look awesome.
Dancer 1: Yeah!
Dancer 2: Woah!
Dancer 3: Woot!
Heinrich Von Bastard: Err...right so we’re all agreed; Mr Sinister and Apocalypse came in and started a massive brawl that got everyone killed, then we showed up and chased them off and called teh cops, right?!?
Cyclops:  Works for me.
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