"X-Bastards" : 004 Introductions

xavier wheelchair rogue wolverine
Professor Charles Xavier: Mr. Bastard, I am Professor Charles Xavier, founder of the X-Men. I want to utilize your unique and painfully grotesque ability to help fight the rather misguided magneto.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Cool, an offer from the bad guys. Sweet!
Professor Charles Xavier: No, we’re the “good guys” if you prefer.
Heinrich Von Bastard:  You’re kidding, right? You’re a cat and a facial scar from being a bond villain. This other guy sounds like an ice-cream; half Magnum – half Cornetto.
Professor Charles Xavier: [cough] But he can completely control any type of metal, like the metal you’ve coated your... “head” in... completely.
Heinrich Von Bastard:  Ahhh...
Professor Charles Xavier: Hellbastard, this is Rogue. Her unique ability is to temporarily take other mutants unique abilities and make them less unique, by touch.
Heinrich Von Bastard:  Cool
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