"Random-Crap" : 016 Diablo 2: Fallen Duty

Diablo 2: Fallen
Fallen: Fallen 3327 reporting for supplies, Sir!
Fallen Shaman: Good. Here, you’ll be needing these bolts.
Fallen: But I don’t have a crossbow, Sir... I’m just using an axe, Sir.
Fallen Shaman:  Here’s a magically crafted full-length chainmail shirt. It gives  it’s wearer the ability to hit harder, heal faster, and cause magical poison damage to your attacks.
Fallen: This thing is huge! I can’t wear that.
Fallen Shaman: It can only be worn by a human barbarian
Fallen: So what am I going to do with it?
Fallen Shaman: And, perhaps greatest of all, a Scroll of Town Portal!
Fallen: What town?
Fallen Shaman: The ‘Rogues Encampment’ where those who seek to thwart our efforts reside.
Fallen:  Are we planning an invasion? How do I use it?
Fallen Shaman: Never mind about that now, take some gold and be on your way... a Necromancer approaches!

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