"Parental-Fears" : 002 Interfaith Relationships

Interfaith Relationships
Mädchen Von Bastard: Hey Dad, this is my new boyfriend Hirshal Goldman
Hirshal: Oi
Heinrich Von Bastard: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!


In case you haven't been following, I should point out that being from Hell he's a Satanist so this would be a problem for that reason, and that reason only. If you are somehow offended by this harmless comic please keep it to yourself. You will not change the world by complaining about this to anyone. You will only annoy me, and I will retaliate by sneaking into your house and handling your cooking implements in an unsanitary manner. 

The reason I made him a Jew instead of a Christian is for two reasons; 1. It's a reference all those sitcoms in which Jewish Mothers agonise over the idea of their “baby" dating a non Jew. 2. "Just Jew it" wouldn't have been as funny if he had a Pentecostal fish or Catholic cross as a logo.

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