"End-of-the-World" : 027 The Tenth Circle

hell destroyer 666 helltoberfest
Heinrich Von Bastard: Wait a minute... I don’t recognise this place
Ancient Norse Demon: This is the tenth circle of Hell.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Tenth? What the hell is the tenth?
Ancient Norse Demon: The Tenth Circle is for Destroyers of Worlds
We watched you destroy the Earth; wilfully and with cataclysmic intent.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Wait , wait this is a mistake. Don’t you know who I am? Make a call to the Ninth Circle, they’ll cle-
Ancient Norse Demon: We know who you are. No one can save you from this fate.
Too long have you paraded your catastrophic malice and cruelty without restraint. The time has come for you to spend eternity suffering in the place the rest of Hell pretends doesn’t exist. The five of you shall spend forever on the border of Never, ever praying to perish.
Zalgofied General: Jesus Christ!
Kermit:  aaahhh
Heinrich Von Bastard: aaahhh
Zalgofied General: aaaahhhh
Demon: No, just screwing with you.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Francis?
Demon: Yeah, we saw you coming and thought we’d scare the everliving crap out of you.
...and just in time for HELLTOBERFEST!!!
Heinrich Von Bastard: Oh sweet.

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