"End-of-the-World" : 015 Bunker

secret bunker looking glass google earth
Acting Intelligence director: Gentlemen, intel says three weeks before this disaster a Svenka Zarkoff went missing.
Intelligence agent: So?
Acting Intelligence director: The daughter of renowned Russian rocket scientist Professor Vladimir Zarkoff.
Intelligence agent: Ah...
Acting Intelligence director: We also know that German biochemists were kidnapped from a convention in Zurich about four months ago.
We believe the one responsible is this man; Heinrich Von Bastard.  
Intelligence agent: Er... man?
Acting Intelligence director: Finally tapping into a Google-Earth satellite we managed to get this blurry image.
Intelligence agent: What is it?
Acting Intelligence director: We don’t know, but it appears to be about a mile in height, and we think it’s hunting survivors.
Underground bases are ready to deploy at our command to capture Heinrich Von Bastard.
...and obviously try to kill that big red thing.

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