"End-of-the-World" : 014 Awakenings

coma awakenings red dawn shelter survival
Heinrich Von Bastard: nnmh?Uh... what’s happening? Why’sthe skythat funny colour?
Axoltloid Soldier: It’s the end.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Oh Dr.Zarkoff don’t be so melodra... Good dog, you look terrible
Axoltloid Soldier: No, over here
Heinrich Von Bastard: Okay...
Axoltloid Soldier: Hello.
23 minutes later
Axoltloid Soldier: ,,,when the general summoned this thing.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Wait, who were these jellyfish people you keep mentioning?
Axoltloid Soldier: The dominant species of the surface world
Heinrich Von Bastard: Cripes! How long was I out?
My god, I must have been laying here for millions of years. Everyone I know is dead.
Oh well. Life goes on, what’s your name soldier?
Axoltloid Soldier: Corpoal Xykskies.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Do you mind if I call you Kermit?
Axoltloid Soldier: I... guess not
Heinrich Von Bastard: Cool.
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