"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 096 Hook, Line, and Anchor

hook grapling cable tether climb cliff sword fight interogation capture
Lieutenant Pipeblower: I’m going to be famous. The man who killed ‘Two-hook’ Pete.
Two-Hook Pete: Oh yeah, think how famous I’ll be; The man who killed the man who killed ‘Two-Hook’ Pete.
Lieutenant Pipeblower: What?!? That doesn’t even make sense! Besides which you can’t dispatch out a swordsman of my calibre with a prosthetic hook.
Two-Hook Pete: No?
Depends on the calibre of hook, I guess.
That was some spectacular timing, but listen we’re in trouble.
The Navy found us because that disembodied wench-voice you call Eve, sold us out.
Hienrich Von Bastard: Yeah, I was so excited hooking it up I forgot about the security settings.
Two-Hook Pete: Well, the other captains are going to be less than impressed when the enemy starts talking.
Hienrich Von Bastard: Alright... we better get to them first.
The Sea Widow: Start talking Captain. How did you find this place?
Captain Breakwater: Rather easily. You see there-
Hienrich Von Bastard: UH HEM!!!
If you don’t mind, I think I’ll ask the interrogative questions around here.
2nd Mate Affogato: Holy crap! When they said “big”, I thought they meant Ogre McNutjob big.
The Sea Widow: Well...?
Hienrich Von Bastard: Well what?
The Sea Widow: You were going to ask interrogative  questions?
Hienrich Von Bastard: Ah yes, How did you find this place?
Two-Hook Pete: Cough, not that, cough!
Hienrich Von Bastard: Oh, right... yeah... uh, nevermind about that. Uh... oh... yeah... how do get those boots so shiny?
Two-Hook Pete: Smooth.
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