"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 095 Attending Presently

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British Crewman 1: You enjoy that eye-full of Royal Navy action, you huge bastard?
British Crewman 2:Ah hahah! Good one.
Heinrich Von Bastard: NGGHH!!! Puns, eh?
EVE! Seal the ship and flood it with deadly neurotoxin.
EVE-5000: Yes, Captain.
British Crewman 1: Cough!           
British Crewman 2:Gag!
British Crewman 3:Ack!
Heinrich Von Bastard: Have a gas, guys.
Alright, let’s sort this mess out then.
This really isn’t the kind of day I was banking on, when I woke up.
Captain Oarsum: Why have you stopped?
Leiutenant Seawlaker: I saw a city in the clouds.
Hellyoda: Lo Tae Zhao’s realm, that is. Watching ‘Flight of Dragons’, I am.
Leiutenant Seawlaker:Oh.
My friends are in trouble, I felt it.
Hellyoda: Hmmm...  The present you see. Do anything about it, too late, it probably is.
Leiutenant Seawlaker:I have to help them.
Hellyoda: If you leave now, help them you might, but right back here, you will come, if your served to you, your ass is.
Leiutenant Seawlaker: Is there any chance I could send me up to where the fighting is?
Hellyoda: See why I not, I do not.
Captain Oarsum: If you face that giant I can’t come with you.
Leiutenant Seawlaker: I know. I was there for that conversation.
Captain Oarsum: That boy is our last hope.
Hellyoda: No. Well, maybe... Vested interest in this, have, I do not.
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