"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 094 Mourning Dressed to Kill

Dead Flowers sword fight pirates cove  kung fu cutlas sabre british soldier pirate blood
Lieutenant Pipeblower: We meet again Captain Burgundy.
Two-Hook Pete: Yeah, sure, great, whatever. How did you actually find this place?
Lieutenant Pipeblower:A woman’s voice trapped inside your monstrous ship guided us here.
Two-Hook Pete: Oh Crap. Well, that’s another fight to look forward two when the other pirates find out.
Captain Breakwater:  There’s two over there.
The Sea Widow: Hold these.
Captain Breakwater: Oh wait, one’s a helpless woman. Good, she can make us tea afterwards.
The Sea Widow: You what?!?
Marine 1: Wha-?
Marine 2: Huh?

Captain Breakwater: Good Lord, Madam!
The Sea Widow: Have your men surrender, or your head will take leave of your body.
Captain Breakwater: I err...
Adegashi: Wow, where did she learn to move like that? That woman is amazing.
Cultist: Hey! I saw her first.
Adegashi: That's... not relly true. You've never even been here before.
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