"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 093 Tooth for an Eye

cannon ball hellball knee capped eye trauma bitten in the eye ship battle navy pirates Dutch merchant vessles history of piracy hell parrot lord of bones
Heinrich Von Bastard: Gnngh!
Heinrich Von Bastard: FFffffttt.... Right in the kneecap! You treacherous little bastards!
British Crewman 1: Don’t mess with the British Navy!
Heinrich Von Bastard: You only got me because you stole my ship, you pain in the patella!
British Crewman 2: Well I hope the irony isn’t lost on you, pirate.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Irony? Pirates were invented by the British to rob Dutch mer-
Heinrich Von Bastard: ARGHH!!!! SON OF A TOOTHLESS WHORE!
British Crewman 1: Bullseye!
Midshipman: Yep, right to the main encampment.
Lieutenant Pipeblower: Is it safe?
Midshipman: There’s bunch of them standing by the cliff looking over.
Lieutenant Pipeblower: Alright step aside, we’ll charge them.
Pierre L'eau Bleue: Why aren’t the batteries firing?
Captain Womwood: Because the ship belongs to a thirty foot tall...
Lieutenant Pipeblower: Raaagh!!!
Ogre McNutjob: Oh crap!
Two-Hook Pete: Wasn’t anyone watching the tunnels?
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