"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 091 Hostile Takeover

tunnell fight zombie headcrab halflife 2 fire explosion bar fight hook secret passage
Captain Breakwater: Die, you filthy sea mugger!
Pirate Guard: Ungf! I believe I will.
Captain Wormwood: So what’s happened to him?
Ogre McNutjob: A cannonball from the Eviscerator. They eat your head, replace it, and destroy everything in sight.
Hellball Zombie: Kkkghghgh!!!
Captain Wormwood: While making horrible blood-choking noises, apparently.
Ogre McNutjob: Indeed.
Captain Wormwood: So how do we kill it?
Ogre McNutjob: Being submerged in the sea kills them.
Captain Wormwood: So how do we get it from being pinned to a wall with a stool to falling in to the sea?
Ogre McNutjob: That’s what I’m trying to figure out.
Lieutenant: We’ve lost sight of the giant, Sir. He jumped off a cliff around the corner.
Captain Witherspoon: Well it can’t be too easy for a thirty foot tall chap to sneak...
Heinrich Von Bastard: Ah, Captain Witherspoon, you nibbled your way out, I see, and covered my deck in British barnacles.
Captain Witherspoon: Uh oh.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Ah well, time to scrub the deck.  WITH FIRE!!!
Lieutenant: Jump, Sir.
Captain Witherspoon & Lieutenant: : AAAGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
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