"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 089 Cabin Fever

wood cabin ships port attack roof breaking shatter knife sword cannons battery cove harbour harbor
Heinrich Von Bastard: Greenbeard!!! What in the name of blue balling hell, man?
Greenbeard: Sorry Captain, it be an emergency?  Where were you?
Heinrich Von Bastard: About to get it on with a thirty foot tall naked valkyrie, you bastard. And what did I tell you about summoning me?!?
Greenbeard: Oh yar... always outside.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Always outside!
Greenbeard: Sorry, but the Eviscerator is attacking Pirate’s Cove. Look out the window.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Oh, son of a one legged whore, I never did get around to locking the EVE unit’s security command settings.
Greenbeard: Right, well, some bastard’s in control of her now. What are we going to do?
Heinrich Von Bastard: You better get the hell outside and give me some room to bust out of here.
Pirate: Bless my  barnacles!

Heinrich Von Bastard: RAGH!! Someone’s going to burn for this double outrage!
Lieutenant: Good Lord! It’s the giant, Sir, he’s here!!!
Captain Witherspoon: Ha! I bet he’s proper miffed! How does he look?
Lieutenant: Angry and er... excited.
Captain Witherspoon: Excited?
Lieutenant: Well the half a face he has reads angry, but he’s pitching one hell of a tent in his trousers.
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