"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 088 Pre-Rumble Drunken Fumble

007 Sean Connery James Bond Ian Flemmings Miss Moneypenny  Shaken not stirred morning after viking helmet helm horned cape throne wooden hall beer drunken fumble
Heinrich Von Bastard: Mmmm... Yesh Mish Moneypenny...
 I like my martini shaken not shtirred... Like my women.
Snggt?!? Huh?
Where the bloody hell am I?
Vigdis: Tveirsverð Keep.
Heinrich Von Bastard: What, where? I don’t remember this place at all. I-
Holy honker heaven! Did we?
Vigdis: I believe so.
Heinrich Von Bastard: That’s not fair, I totally don’t rem... eh... wait.  Encore?
Vigdis: I suppose. But I’m not drunk now, so if you could turn your face this time so that I only see the goo-
What’s happening?
Heinrich Von Bastard: I’m fading. What the hell? Crap!!! Someone’s summoning me!
Of all the times!
Vigdis: Heinrich!?!
Heinrich Von Bastard: God-damned trans-dimensional cock-blocking!
Vigdis: Wait! What do I tell the others?
Heinrich Von Bastard: Tell them I was awesome!!!
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