"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 087 Having a Ball

Mooring station bell cannonball hellcannon inn tavern pirates jolly rodger ale stein tankard smashing glass sneaking tunnel eyepatch
Captain Breakwater: Oh crap a mooring clerk. If we rush him he may raise the alarm.
Lieutenant Pipeblower: We could turn our cloaks inside out and get our least shaven crewman to do the talking.
Captain Breakwater: Brilliant.
Mooring Clerk: Evenin’ lads, welcome to Pirate’s Cove.
It be four shillings a night to moor yer ship. Now who’s payin?
Unkept Crewman: Oh, er... Hi...
Mooring Clerk: What’s the name of yer ship?
Unkept Crewman: Uh...er.. the ah... the Iron...  Dog?
Mooring Clerk: The Iron Dog.
And How long are ye stayin’ fer?
Unkept Crewman: Oh... uh... two nights?
Mooring Clerk: I see... and what’s yer Captain’s name?
Unkept Crewman: Captain Br... eh...
Mooring Clerk: Cap’n Breah....?
Unkept Crewman: Oh uh, Captain Brave... er... ing... ton... son..?
Mooring Clerk: Braveringtonson?
Unkept Crewman: Uh yes.
Mooring Clerk: Very good. That’ll be eight shillings.
Security Cheif: Uh oh... trouble. Pack in the game lads and move out.
Pirate Captain 1: You hear thunder?
Captain Beige: Argh!! My face!
Pirate Captain 2: Nope.
Captain Wormwood: Who says “Argh my face” to a cannonball?
Ogre McNutjob: No one survives a canno... oh.
PierL'Eau Bleue: IOh no. OH NO!
Captain Beige: Kkkgghghgh!!!
Captain Wormwood: What in the bright blue bile duct of Poseidon is going on?
Captain Beige: Kkkaaaggghhhchh!!!
Pirate: Captain Beige? You alright?
Captain Wormwood: Greenbeard?!? Where are you going?
Greenbeard: To find a mirror. I got to chant a new a few hundred times.
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