"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 086 Back Passage

the sea widow monks cultists red eyes pirates cove cabin tavern inn greenbeard agedashi two hook pete pierre l'eau bleue  armagnac ale night tunnels
Pirates Cove...
The Sea Widow: So what have you managed to find out?
2nd Mate Affogato: Well those red eyed monks work for some really tall pirate called Half-Face Jack McBastard. Although they keep calling him Heinrich. Captain Wormwood brought them to meet up with Agedashi, Leau’Bleue, Greenbeard, Ogre McNutjob, and Two-Hook Pete who also work for this guy.
The Sea Widow: They all Captain their own ships. Why would they be working for this McBastard?
2nd Mate Affogato: They all serve under him on his ship now.
The Sea Widow: What?!? Preposterous. They’re five of the most feared pirates in the world.
2nd Mate Affogato: Apparently it’s a really big ship. But they said the Kraken had...
Lookout: Excuse me Miss er.. The Sea Widow. I’ve got to get inside.
The Sea Widow: Miss?
Lookout: Oi! The Eviscerator’s coming!
Lieutenant Pipeblower: Just how much tunnel and stair are we planning to run up before facing combat?
Captain Breakwater: As much as needed, Lieutenant.
Lieutenant Pipeblower: Right, just don’t leave me behind again this time, Sir.
Captain Breakwater: You forget yourself young Pipeblower.
Lieutenant Pipeblower: Yes, Sir.
Captain Breakwater: Besides which, I totally explained about that.
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