"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 081 Big Head

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Vigdis: We return victorious, but it will be a shame to tell my father of what happened to Heinrich. He really seemed to like him.
Grárøx: Yes, the festivities will be… wait. What is that above the Keep entrance?
Skógrbrún: The Norsetoberfest banner?
Neinnleggr: No, look.
Vigdis:I know that face!
What in Hellheim is going on here?
Grárøx: That can’t be the same one.
Skógrbrún: It’s still fresh.
Vigdis: Come on! Let’s go in.
Lord Verjasvell: Hey guys, sorry we started without you. But we heard how it went. Good work. Now grab a drink.
Vigdis: How can you be here? We saw you fall.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Yeah, I took the short cut.
Vigdis: Short cut?
Heinrich Von Bastard: Well, I didn’t have to climb back down that mountain.
Vigdis: Yes, but… how did you survive?
Drunk Keepguard: Yes, tell it again!
Vigdis: Yes, what happened?
Heinrich Von Bastard: First things first: did you bring the loot?
Skógrbrún: Þungr is bringing it.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Groovy. Then story time it is!
Well, as you know, my anchor  ricocheted off the great ice sword, tangled in the frost demons  bonds…
Vigdis: …Yes, yes, we were there for that. What happened after you fell?
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