"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 080 Contract Killer

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Lt.Seawalker: Well, this is exciting... in a damned for all eternity, kind of way.
Captain Oarsum: Yes, quite. Now, I should warn you that this demon chap that’s going to train you is a little weird. His method of speech is a nightmare to follow, for a start.
Hellyoda: Welcome young Seawalker. Soon, your training will begin.
So soon, handing your soul, in are you, Captain Oarsum?
Captain Oarsum: What? No. I’m just here to watch over the lad’s training.
Hellyoda: Again, think. Returned to Hell, have you. Staying, you are.
Captain Oarsum: Not until I die, I think you’ll find.
Hellyoda: Recheck contract, think you should, I do.
Captain Oarsum: “...or upon returning to Hell shall the contractee...” I... Oh this is horsepiss!!!
‘upon death’ was implied. Can I at least stay around to help train the lad.
Hellyoda: See why not, I do.
Training music, you need. ‘Best, you are’ by Joe Esposito.
Lt.Seawalker: Who is Joe Esposito?
Hellyoda: I think Ice Hockey player, he was, hmmm.
Joe Esposito: You’re the best!~Around!~Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down~You’re the Best!~Around!~Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down~You’re the Best!~Around!~Nothing’s gonna ever keep you dow-ow-ow-ow-own~
Lt.Seawalker: Yahtzee!!!
Lt.Seawalker: Umpff...
Captain Oarsum: Uh... will he at any point ever need to deliver six steins of beer by unicycle on a tightrope in battle?
Hellyoda: Never do you know?
Yes, run! Yes, a forsaken-soul warrior’s strength flows from...
Lt.Seawalker: Wait I have questions.
Hellyoda: Ask, ask. Answer I will...
But carry itself this back-pack will not.
Lt.Seawalker: Nngh!!!
Hellyoda: Mush! Mush!
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