"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 079 The Absolution Solution

Slayer Hell Awaits Demon sixty foot pterodactyl floating island purple sky hell Spain Spanish Desert horseback penance cross widow black widow red eyes deoman eyes cultists
The Sea Wodow: What the hell is this?
Cultist: Hello.
2nd Mate Affogato: Their eyes, Captain
The Sea Wodow: I know…
2nd Mate Affogato: Are they related to you or something?
The Sea Wodow: It’s not a family trait, fool! Go find out what’s happening.
2nd Mate Affogato: At once.

Captain Oarsum: I’m still surprised you were shocked by what you saw back in the cantina.
El Casquillo: I suppose different people sell their souls for different things. The Frenchman I first sent down did not come back fighting like that.
Captain Oarsum: What Frenchman.
El Casquillo: That politician… Tallyrand.
Captain Oarsum: Tallyrand?!? Well, that explains a lot.
Lt. Seawalker: So… Mr.Casquillo, what did you sell your soul for.
El Casquillo: I have never sold my soul. I merely deliver those would do so.
Lt. Seawalker: You were never tempted to gain power.
El Casquillo: No, señor, it against my religion, I am a strict Catholic.
Captain Oarsum: WHAT?!? How can you be a strict catholic and send people to forfeit their souls for gold? You sell people to the Devil, Sir!!!
El Casquillo: I mention it in confession, give the church half the gold, say twelve ‘Hail Mary’ and four ‘Our Father’ all is forgiven.
Captain Oarsum: That’s preposterous! The Church of England would never stand for that sort of thing.
El Casquillo: Well, if only Henry VIII had stuck with his first Spanish wife, eh?.
Lt. Seawalker: Blegh!
El Casquillo: Down you go…
Lt. Seawalker: Hey, will I get to see my father down here?
Captain Oarsum: Hmmm… I hadn’t thought of that. It would be good to catch up.
Lt. Seawalker: Plus he can tell us what horrors await us when we return.
Captain Oarsum: Welcome to Hell.
Demon: What he said.
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