"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 078 Spanish Bar Fly

He doesn't like you. I don't like you either. You better watch yourself. We're wanted men. I have the death sentence on twelve systems. Star Wars Episode IV a New Hope Sharpe's Gold The Fly Hell Demon Black Widow Cultists Spanish Bar red eye
Trouble Maker: Él no te gusta
Lt. Seawalker: What? Sorry, I don’t speak Spanish.
Trouble Maker: Yo no te gusta tanto.
Lt. Seawalker: Yes, I’m afraid I’m still not with you.
Trouble Maker: Es mejor que ten cuidado, que estamos quería que los hombres. Tengo la pena de muerte en doce países!
El Casquillo: I think your boy is in some trouble.
Captain Oarsum: God, I hate this pub.
Lt. Seawalker: Are you trying to sell something?
Trouble Maker: Agh!!!
Captain Oarsum: This is my arm now. When you learn to play nice with others I might let you have it back. Until then all the lad’s drinks are on you until I’m ready to leave!
Trouble Maker:  ¿Qué?
Captain Oarsum: Now where were we?
El Casquillo: Wow. Where did you learn to do that?
Captain Oarsum: In Hell. Where you sent me. You didn’t think I went down there to learn how to cheat at cards or something did you?

Captain Wormwood: Alright, welcome to Pirates Cove.
Cultist: And this is where Heinrich is?
Captain Wormwood: He said he’d meet you here if you wait with his friends.
Just up there.
Cultist: That’s a lot of stairs, man. That better be one amazing tavern up there.
Cultist: Woah, who’s that.
Captain Wormwood: That’s the Sea Widow. They say she sold her soul to the devil to help get revenge for her lost husband. She always wears that black veil and mourning dress and carries those dead flowers. Even her ship is black.
Cultist: Wow, she’s so cute.
Captain Wormwood: What? How can you tell?
Cultist: ...Conceptually.

Special Thanks to Amaya for the quick Spanish lesson.
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