"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 077 Parting of Ways/Carting of Pays

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Vigdis: No…
Skógrbrún: Come on!
Grárøx: Worst place to build anything ever!
He’s gone.
Vigdis: But he died a hero’s death and his deeds will be remembered forever.
Þungr: Do I still have to carry all this loot?
Neinnleggr: Yes, it’s what Heinrich would have wanted.
Þungr: Oh…

Lt. Seawalker: Is it safe to bring crewmen with us? They may fight like drunken bears but they gossip like old ladies.
Capt. Oarsum: I don’t want everyone to know what we’re about to do.
We’ll need horses anyway so I’ll have them wait outside with them whenever necessary. They’ll pick up nothing.
Lt. Seawalker: And if they do?
Capt. Oarsum: I could always kill them.
Lt. Seawalker: Woah!?!
Capt. Oarsum: Yes, well, once you know you’re already going to Hell your options open up a little.
Lt. Seawalker: So what is this chap’s name?
Capt. Oarsum: El Casquillo
Lt. Seawalker: Will he remember you after over twenty years?
Capt. Oarsum: It shouldn’t be too hard to remind him.
Ancla Cabeza; you’ll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.
Lt. Seawalker: I’ve heard you say that about Liverpool.
Capt. Oarsum: Ah, well…
Lt. Seawalker: And Bristol.
Capt. Oarsum: Very well, then. On this side of the channel.
Ah, the smell of brandy soaked into unvarnished floorboards from excessive toasting. That takes me back .
Lt. Seawalker: It’s so dark in there. I hope we’ll be able to find him.
Capt. Oarsum: He’s here.
Lt. Seawalker: How can you tell?
Capt. Oarsum: I can see him with my bad eye.
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