"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 072 Master Plan

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Blígr: If you strike me down I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Really, I was rather banking on striking you down making ME more powerful than I could possibly imagine.
Blígr: Yes, yes, I know. That is why you left your friends at the door. You know I gained new powers from killing a god, and you want to know what powers you will gain for killing me.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Well, go on then.
Blígr: First let me thank you for bringing my plan to fruition. Even though your actions were orchestrated by me.
Heinrich Von Bastard: What?
Blígr: You see, I created a device for generating and manipulating life. To feed it material I sank the continent of Atlantis and harvested its people. That drew a little too much attention to my operation and Lord Versjasvell sent champions to defeat me, but they became food for the orb and after Vigdis killed my army I used it to absorb their flesh too, taking their muscle, organs, and marrow to store for use in creating life by my own design.
I then created the Kraken to gather living matter by attacking ships and sea creatures, stripping flesh from bone and feeding it into the orb. Its primary goal, however, was to find a suitable candidate to complete the orbs main task: to build me a new and more powerful body. I drained my own life into it and waited for someone powerful enough with whom to merge to come along. I made a new Atlantian race from the flesh of the old, taking enough trace memories to believe they were the original inhabitants. They would honour the mysterious device that saved them and keep it as a holy relic. They would see the Kraken’s depositional visits as attacks, as he’d naturally harvest a few locals, and in turn honour the one who finally defeated the beast, welcoming them into their city open armed. The rest fell naturally into place. Leading you back here with what you might call a ‘honey trap’.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Holy crap, so that red skull thing...
Blígr: ..Is me, yes. I lost consciousness here once I awoke there, but now I am unconscious there and so I can talk to you here. Once you kill me here, however, my consciousness will be permanently transferred there.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Er... say what?
Blígr: I shall be in a demonic body wielding powers of hell and chaos, free to wreak havoc across the universe, and you can continue to piss about on the Earth with the gift of necromancy, mind control, and improved telekinesis.  
Those fools outside will think you a hero and make you a legend. We both win.
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