"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 071 Entering The Ruins

entering the ruins diablo castle keep evil norse sky sadle fellowship skeleton undead army fire
Heinrich Von Bastard: Excellent.
Þungr: What is.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Well if there’s an army of the dead out front protecting this place, it means there’s something to protect. Blígr will most certainly be inside.
I’ve been thinking... When we get to Blígr, I think the rest of you should stay back. I’m the only one he won’t be able to freeze and if I have to let loose with fire indoors, I don’t want have to worry about torching you guys by mistake.
Þungr: It is a risk we are willing to take. We would be honoured to die in battle against such a foe.
Heinrich Von Bastard: And I respect that, but trust me. I need to do this alone. It is the only way
But just to be safe, Neinnleggr, I want you to keep your bow ready.
Neinnleggr: If anything goes wrong, I’ll put an arrow in each eye.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Nice.
Vigdis: There he is!
Heinrich Von Bastard: Wait here.
Alright, Blígr, retribution has come. I hope you’ve made peace with your bookkeepers, because I’m going to tear you a new-
Heinrich Von Bastard: Oh, it’s like that is it?
Blígr: I believe this is the part where I explain my evil plans before you try to kill me.
Heinrich Von Bastard: No “try” about it.
Blígr: Indeed. Then come close and listen carefully because what happens next affects us both.
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