"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 069 Them Bones

Them Bones Alice in Chains Army of Darkness mountain asgarde Icecrown Rusty sword
Heinrich Von Bastard: I’ve got to admit, that’s actually a pretty bitching Hideout.
I can’t believe you had to fight your way up here, Vigdis.
Vigdis: Most of the fighting took place on the path ahead.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Ah, yes... I can see no one’s bothered to tidy up since you were here last.
But I suppose it gives the place a certain creepy and perilous atmosphere. Although I would have thought the sheer altitude and lack of safety railing nailed that pretty adequately already.
::creek:: ::snap::
Grárøx: I think I know why the dead have been left scattered on the path.
Heinrich Von Bastard: An ancient army of the dead! Whatever you don’t let their decrepit swords touch you.
Skógrbrún: Why’s that?!?
Heinrich Von Bastard: You’ll probably get tetanus.
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