"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 067 In Wolf's Clothing

The Never Ending Story Gmork the Nothing cave snow blizzard donkey flesh ribs shank tenderloin wolf  lazer vision
Skógrbrún: That was pretty impressive the way that sword cut through that frozen donkey.
Þungr : Om nom nom.
Grárøx: Yes, Heinrich, where did you get such an impressive sword?
Gmork: Of what do you speak?
Grárøx: That sword of yours?
Come out of the shadows and sit with us?
Gmork: Sit with you?
Heinrich Von Bastard: Uh, who are you guys talking to? I’m over at the cave mouth.
Grárøx: Uh...
Neinnleggr: ...oh.
Gmork: RAAAHHGHGH!!!! DIE!!!
Grárøx: Odin’s chamber pot!!!
Neinnleggr: What is that?!?

Gmork: YIPE!!!

Heinrich Von Bastard: Well that’s the winter gear taken care of. Like my Gmork-smock?
Skógrbrún: Nice.

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