"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 065 Tethered Together

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Lord Verjasvell: So! No time to waste! You must make for Blígr’s frozen fortress and see if he has returned there to continue his foul works. Find him and bring him to justice.
Heinrich Von Bastard: At once, Lord Zomb- eh Lord Verjasvell.
Vidgis: Yes Father.
Lord Verjasvell: Be careful. He has the death of a mighty god under his belt. Who knows what powers he has gained?
Heinrich Von Bastard: Don’t worry, I... eh.. what are those barrels for?
Lord Verjasvell: Ah, that’s the bier for Norsetoberfest. Hopefully you’ll be back in time to join us.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Norwhat?
Vidgis: Come on. Time to go.
There is a barracks near the base of the mountain where we can arm ourselves and perhaps recruit a few good men to join us.
Blígr may have built a new army, and it couldn’t hurt to be prepared.
Also, I could use a warm cloak or something for the walk and any pauses between fighting.
You’re being awfully quiet....
Heinrich Von Bastard: So, how much for one barrel?
Vidgis: OI!!!
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