"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 063 The Height of One's Achievements

Asgard Rob Zombie Fort Keep Yggdrassil great sword bastard sword claymore cutlas sabre falchion hybrid infirnium
Lord Verjasvell: ...well, that’s quite an account. But what became of Blígr?
Heinrich Von Bastard: Well presumably he was not at his fortress, when you looked for him, because he was busy dumping Vidgis in the ocean.  He may have returned there by now. Has no one returned there since?
Lord Verjasvell: The place is a desolate tomb of frozen men over a field of corpses. None have been there in many an age. But perhaps the one who travelled to the bottom of the sea to rescue my daughter and undid the work of the talon of Jōraßiseiß may find clues where the rest of us failed.
What manner of warrior are you, hideously half-faced one? If Blígr has returned, do you think you can you fight him?
Heinrich Von Bastard: I have defeated armies, single handedly.
Lord Verjasvell: Excelent, then you are worthy of assisting my daughter.

Vigdis: Wait, Father... He lives on the Earth. I assume those armies are made of men only this big.
Lord Verjasvell: That would explain that tiny sword sticking out his chest.
Well then! He must fight one of my guards to prove himself.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Cool. Ready when they are.
Lord Verjasvell: Ah... what the hell is that?
Heinrich Von Bastard: It’s a naval cutlass.
Lord Verjasvell: Someone get him a proper sword.
Heinrich Von Bastard: This sword’s fine.
Lord Verjasvell: Hey, if you don’t want to live long enough to claim your prize for rescuing my daughter I won’t force you.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Actually, I was planning to claim your daughter.
Lord Verjasvell: Really?!?
Heinrich Von Bastard: That surprises you?
Lord Verjasvell: Well, it’s just with that sword I didn’t think women were your stein of mead.
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