"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 062 Keep Up

Metallica Trapped Under Ice Rob Zombie J├Âtunn stone keep stein keep catleskull wood stone copper fire skull
Heinrich Von Bastard: Damn... is that where the mighty Blígr dwells?
Vigdis: No, that is my father’s Keep. I must see him.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Cool, I’ll wait here.
Vigdis: No, you must come. I must present you.
Heinrich Von Bastard: That’s three ”musts”. This epic climb’s happening isn’t it?
Vigdis: Oh yeah.

Heinrich Von Bastard:
Are we there yet?
Vigdis: No.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Are we there yet?
Vigdis: No!
Heinrich Von Bastard: Are we there yet?
Vigdis: NO!

Vigdis: We can rest if you’re tired.
Heinrich Von Bastard: I’m not tired, I’m just daunted by this ludicrous mountain.
Vigdis: Then why are you wheezing?
Heinrich Von Bastard: Well, the view is breathtaking.
Vigdis: Here we are; Tveirsverð Keep. My Father is Lord.  Do not forget to bend the knee.
Heinrich Von Bastard: I like the gloomy vibe it has going.
Lord Verjasvell:
Vigdis? Is that you? What happened to you? We found Blígr’s men all slain but there was no sign of you or he.
Vigdis: Yes father, I was trapped under ice, and left in the sea. I have brought the one who freed me.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Hi.
Lord Verjasvell: Let me come down and see you.
It gladdens my heart to see you alive and well after so much time has passed.
Both of you rise and tell me of what has happened.
Vigdis: Yes Father.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Psst, holy crap is you dad Rob Zombie?
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