"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 061 Family Tree

Teldrassil World of Warcraft Night Elves Norse Mythology Team Fortress 2 Heavy Pyro cleavage
Heinrich  Von Bastard: Wow, Teldrassil.
Vigdis: No, Yggdrasil. The tree of the nine worlds.
Heinrich  Von Bastard: Right, so which of these worlds are we aiming for?
Vigdis: That one over there. Kvistrárangr it is called.
Heinrich  Von Bastard: Yikes, I hope I don’t have to write any of this down at any point.
Hmmm... are there any big flat places down there.
Vigdis: The Frozen Lake, why?
Heinrich  Von Bastard: Ice landing eh? I think we can accommodate that.

Grárøx: Hey Þungr, let’s go get lunch.
Þungr: Ja, I could use a sandvich.

Heinrich  Von Bastard: The best thing about ice landings...
...is that they easily turn into water landings.
Smooth as silk.
Þungr: Fire! Fire! Fire!
Grárøx: Jump in the water you big idiot.
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