"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 060 Winter Wonderland Wickedness

winter wonderland snowball fight ice glacier frost northrend asgarde norse mythology
Heinrich Von Bastard: So who is this chap we’re after?
Vigdis: He is an evil and powerful sorcerer, who twists living things into abominations through his dark arts.
Heinrich Von Bastard:Hmm... sounds interesting.
Vigdis: I was supposed to destroy him but he trapped me in ice.
Heinrich Von Bastard:But who is he exactly?
Vigdis: Blígr, He was a servant of Höðr the Lord of winter. For Höðr is blind, and needed someone to guide his works in the Frost forge.
Hey Blígr, I totally built a man out of snow, check it out. How does it look?
Blígr: ...Idiot.
Vigdis: Blígr believed Höðr’s power was wasted.
He even tricked him into killing his brother Baldr by packing a snowball full of mistletoe.

Höðr: Quick! Snowball me.
Blígr: Here you go.
Vigdis: Baldr was immune to all things but mistletoe and so died. Bligr managed to push the blame on Loki who was well known for his questionable sense of humour in such matters
Höðr: Didi I get him?            
Blígr: Oh, ja.
Quick, throw this ‘magical’ yellow snowball.
Vigdis: Having killed a god he gained access to strange dark powers and took on many dark rituals to build his strength, convincing many to join his growing army. When it was realised, I was chosen to destroy him for his crimes.
I slew his entire army, climbing the steps to his fortress.

Vigdis: But when I got to him he froze me with a sceptre and it seems; dumped me in the ocean to be forgotten.
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