"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 006 The Vapours

Taubmans paint hammer pirate nail lathe plane plain lost soul lacquer pipe wood work carpentry carpenter rum rancid standard wood varnish DIY mist mistifier vapour vapouriser brine steam sauna
Deck hand: We’re getting there, Sir, but I don’t think a week will have us the ship ye described.
Captain McBastard: All the important parts have been taken care of.
Deck hand: But it’s not sea worthy. There be gaps everywhere.
Captain McBastard: Trust me, a couple coats of this stuff and she’ll be ready.

Tauments: Lost Soul Lacquer

Captain McBastard: Gentlemen. I present you the good ship Eviscerator .
Ogre McNutjob: Rancid Rum! It looks like it came straight from Hell.
Captain McBastard: Well, almost.
Lieutenant Greenbeard: That’s unholy.
Pier L’Eau Bleue: I think I’m going to be sick.

Captain McBastard: Ah Mr.Myrkul, you’ve decided to join us on this auspicious occasion.
Hmm... That’s a fetching pipe you have there.
Captain McBastard: Right, well let’s get this bitch out on the open road and see what she can do!
But first.... a little cover.
We don’t want everyone high-tailing it out of doge every time they see us.
Burgundy Pete: What’s  all that about?
Captain McBastard: A sinister veil to mask our approach on the unsuspecting in the form of a mysterious travelling fog.
Pier L’Eau Bleue: So people won’t be able to see us approaching?
Captain McBastard: Not until it’s too late.
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