"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 059 A Close Shave

maw saftey foam beanie beach party 18 footers aliens atlantis red skull pirate cove  green eyes
Marine Seargent:  Here you go.
Marine: This stuff’s starting to dissolve.
Crewman: It better... I just cleaned these damned clothes a month ago.

Orb Brother Crowe : We’re done here, sorry for the interruption. Back to your beach party or whatever.
Captain Breakwater: Uh... don’t mention it.

Orb Brother Spunkmeyer: So do we have to drag this all the way back.
Orb Brother Dietricht: Pfft, no. One of the Megalodons can toe it.
Orb Brother Spunkmeyer: Nice.
Orb Brother Dietricht: Yours; you’ll have to swim.
Orb Brother Spunkmeyer: Oh.

CaptainBreakwater: So... you think you can sail this thing?
Are you kidding? This thing sails itself. She does whatever Captain Witherspoon tells it.
Captain Breakwater: Well let’s take this great trophy back to Blighty.
Can we get a shave on the way? It won’t do for officers of the Royal Navy to return home looking like unwashed Vikings.
Captain Breakwater: Alright Witherspoon, take this thing home.
Captain Oarsum: The lad and I are going to Spain.
Captain Witherspoon: Ship!?!
Eve 5000: Yes Captain?
Captain Witherspoon: Set a course for Spain then home.
Eve 5000:‘Home’... setting a course for Pirate Cove via Spain.
Captain Witherspoon: Holy crap! Pirate Cove is real?
Captain Breakwater: Well... we could destroy Pirate Cove and every pirate in it with this ship, and return home heroes!
Captain Witherspoon: Yes, YES! To Pirates cove!
Captain Stable: After Spain.
Captain Witherspoon: After Spain.

Pirates Cove...

Captain Greenbeard: What is it?
Ogre McNutjob: Harry the Druid’s got something in his crystal ball.
Captain Greenbeard: Oh? What do you see Harry?
Harry the Druid: Ooh... a great evil approaches.
Burgundy Pete: This place is packed full of evil, Harry, could give us a little more?
Harry the Druid: There is also a heavy chance of rain tomorrow.
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