"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 058 Old School

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Vigdis: So what’s your story and who are these “cultists” you send those little men after?
Heinrich Von Bastard: They’re devoted demonologists sworn into to service of my family and I basically inherited them. They come to my aid whenever I whistle... An arrangement I better alter next time I see them.
Heinrich Von Bastard: My Father had them deliver me to Earth. And they came whenever summoned to assist me growing up.
In my early years at St.Lemmy’s orphanage they taught me how to deal with bullies.
At boarding school they snuck in horror movies for me to watch.
Which, by high school, had mixed results with my performance.

Young Heinrich Von Bastard: ...when Julian Sands turns into a giant centipede and butt rapes Kiki the houseboy in the bird cage!
Heinrich Von Bastard: By college they had me trained in beerology.
Cultist: Smell the wheaty goodness
Young Heinrich Von Bastard: mmm...
Heinrich Von Bastard: They also helped me establish a successful financial institute after college. But then the Revolution came and being filthy rich wasn’t fashionable anymore...
But before I secured my gains I made sure my competitors and creditors were the first to lose their heads.

Young Heinrich Von Bastard: ..while these fat cats live off the profits of we the oppressed masses, stuffing themselves with vol-au-vents .
French Crowd: YEAH!!! Off with their heads!
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