"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 056 Norsewood Bound

Norse Asgard Realm travel boots portal pantheon fishing village hell side quest
Vigdis: Thank you all for help but I must return to fight the sorcerer who imprisoned me to finish what I had begun.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Right, well, I think I better help Valkyrie Valerie here with her quest.
Vigdis: My name is Vigdis. You can call me ‘Vig’ if you like.
Heinrich Von Bastard: I wouldn’t like.
Captain Wormwood: So you’re done with us?
Heinrich Von Bastard: No, I need you to sail to France, and find my cultist enroutage. They should be sitting around the Café L'Eau Rouge in the port of Le Havre de Grâce.
First Mate Barley: How will we know them?
Heinrich Von Bastard: They’re five monks with glowing red eyes. Take them to Pirates cove ask around for the five captains of the Evicerator and tell them all to wait for me there.
Vigdis: Right, and how are we going to get to Asgard without a ship?
Heinrich Von Bastard: If we’re rocking up to Asgard, it’s not going to be in that!
Vigdis: So where are you going to get an appropriate realmfaring vessel? Do they even make them on this continent?
Heinrich Von Bastard: No. But,I know a place that specializes in them that’s easy enough to get to if we trample some of the wildlife.

Ten minutes later...

Vigdis: So you can open portals with Animal blood?
Heinrich Von Bastard: Impressive, no?
Vigdis: Ah, yeah, so where exactly does this lead?
Heinrich Von Bastard: Hell. After you.
Vigdis: As in Helheim?
Heinrich Von Bastard: No, no, well maybe, I guess. I’m not really sure what the deal is there, but it’s just the eternal pit of evil and despair, that’s where all the best shops are.
Salty Joe: Welcome to the ‘Fishermans Fiend’, what can I do for you folk?
Heinrich Von Bastard: I need a ship to Asgard.
Salty Joe: Hmmm... So ye be seeking a worthy vessel to take ye across the astral plane in one piece and back, eh? Well there be few, fit enough, floaters for that treacherous journey my friends. Let me tell ye  a tale of...
Heinrich Von Bastard: Can the tourist bait, Salty Joe, and get us a Realm-Smasher 33W!
Salty Joe: Here we are; the Realm-Smasher 33W. You want that gift wrapped or are you taking your little lady friend for a spin right now?

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