"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 055 Foam of War

Trident giants atlantian genetic engineering zombie undead construct flesh gollem nougart saftey foam beanie blood wood ship teeth battle sword sharpe hornblower drunk
Crewman 2: Oh, salty seamaidens of Sardinia! This is not the way I was planning to go.
Captain Breakwater: CHARGE!!!
Various Marines: Ack!   
Zombie Mandog: “Grrrr”, “Bark”, “Woof”, “Snarl”,
Crewman 2: Hey, watch your damn feet!!!
Captain Breakwater: Bad doggy!
Zombie Mandog: MY EYE!!! I mean “woof” “howl”
Zombie Construct: Grblfns!
Now I’m a unicorn?
Orb-Brother Wierzbowski: Excuse me, puny land humans, have you seen a giant red tri-faced skull?
Crewman 1: Uh-hem.
Red Triskull: What madness made you draw their attention to my position, and mine to yours?
Crewman 1:I just wanted attention so I could make a “just hanging around” pun before I lost my grip.
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