"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 054 Amsterdamned

Sandor Clegane Game of Thrones Jaques Brel Port Amsterdam Amsterdamned whistle Paris Bar African coast valkyrie
Valkyrie Sword Maiden: Sorry. I didn’t mean to scream. That was rude, I just wasn’t expecting... uh, expecting...
Heinrich Von Bastard: The Sandor Clegane look?
Valkyrie Sword Maiden:The what?!?
Heinrich Von Bastard: Oh right, you wouldn’t actually get that reference. Damn it, where the hell did I leave those Cultists? They’ve watched, read, and listened to all the same stuff from the future I did.
Valkyrie Sword Maiden:The future?


Cultist 2:~Dans~le~port~d’Amsterdam~Y~a~des~marins~qui~chantent~Les~r-
Cultist 3:Do you think you could refrain from singing ‘Amsterdam’ a hundred and twenty plus years before Jaques Brel has a chance to record it?
Cultist 2:Ooh... another temporal infraction?
Cultist 5:Just a tad, yes.
Cultist 2:I’m sorry; I’ve been drinking for a few decades now. It’s getting hard to keep in control. When is Heinrich coming back?
Cultist 3:For the millionth time, he’ll whistle when he needs us. Remember?
Cultist 2:Oh yeah... but that revolution was a while ago now. What’s keeping him?

Heinrich Von Bastard: Ah! That’s right...
AWheeEEEee... Phweehhhhh... fwoooo...  hisssss.....
Captain Wormwood: I don’t think you can whistle with only half a mouth.
Heinrich Von Bastard: AWW CRAP!!!

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