"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 052 For Better or For Norse

Chaos sorcerer warhammer 40k norse valkyrie sword maiden ancient ledgend ocular reflection horned helm vambraces leather bikini tattered clothing frozen ice horror love at first sight sternum

Valkyrie Sword Maiden:
This madness ends now!
Chaos Sorcerer: ...my army?
Valkyrie Sword Maiden: You’ll need a new one.
Chaos Sorcerer: Impressive.
Valkyrie Sword Maiden: Now face me so that justice may be done!
Chaos Sorcerer: Why not...
Haha!!! Eat frost from the talon of Jōraßiseiß, Sauer-tits!!!
Valkyrie Sword Maiden: I-I can't move!
Chaos Sorcerer: Bwahhahahahahahaha!!!!
Ooohehehehe!!!! Oh yes...

Valkyrie Sword Maiden: I’m free?!?
What great hero could have broken such a spell?
Heinrich Von Bastard:  I did, my lady, with very hot kiss.
Valkyrie Sword Maiden: Did you, you cheeky devil?
Well perhaps you’d better come and show me exactly how you did it.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Gladly my sweet...
Valkyrie Sword Maiden: ARRRGGHGHGHGHGH!!!!
Heinrich Von Bastard: : What?!? Ah yes... of course...  I forgot... ...the face.

Note: Thanks to 'Screaming Idiot' for the title

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