"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 051 Mouthfull of Seamen

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Captain Wormwood: So what’s happening? Did you run out of fire?
Heinrich Von Bastard: No, I’ve done all I can. The bond keeping her frozen is broken and will just have to melt naturally now.
So where are we anyway?
Captain Wormwood: Somewhere on the coast of Africa, why?
Heinrich Von Bastard: Just curious.
You know the only factor that separates the behaviour of a house cat and one of the big cats is their size ratio to you.
Convict Pirate: Argh!
Heinrich Von Bastard: Come here...
I’ve, so, always wanted a pet lion.
Lion: Prrrrr...
Captain Wormwood: U-uh.. okay...

Marine Seargent: Sir, perhaps you’d better take a few hundred steps back.
Captain Breakwater: Hey, there’s something caught in its teeth.
I say, come down here you pirate scum and fight like a man.
Lieutenant Pipeblower: Captain Breakwater?
Captain Breakwater: Ah... maybe... who’s asking?
Lieutenant Pipeblower: First Lieutenant Pipeblower. The poor sap you left behind as acting captain, remember?
Captain Breakwater: Ah yes. How did you make out?
Lieutenant Pipeblower:  I’ve been a prisoner with Captains Stable and Witherspoon for months. As well as many crewmen, officers, and marines.
Captain Breakwater: Where’s the giant?
Lieutenant Pipeblower: No idea, Sir. But we managed to take over the ship...
Captain Breakwater: I say good work!
Lieutenant Pipeblower: Never mind that, Sir. We need to get off this demon ship. There’s some unholy thing aboard.
Captain Breakwater: Well, do you have any rope? It may take us a few days to build you a long enough ladder.
Lieutenant Pipeblower: Afraid the matter’s a tad more urgent than that, Sir.
Eve 5000: There’s an emergency release near the airlock.
Captain Stable: Would that be a slow, safe, gentle release or an ‘everyone-is-going-to-die-on-impact’ sort of release?
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