"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 005 Shop Smart, Shop Hellmart

Slipgate protal to hell hellmart marc of cain mark of the beast cape hat scar nuclear silent propulsion system brine mist generator submarine hellforge forge hammer anvil metal heavy metal pet stor lavanthor violet hold World of Warcraft Booty Bay sword sharpes sword leather apron shopping  hellparrot evil satan bird zoltan hound of dracula pipe tobacco match fusion fission propellor prop propeller spider cage demon pirate captain admiral avast ye admiral cash register scanner money charge card freaquent flyer
Checkout Demon: Price check on a  ‘Nuclear Powered Silent Propulsion System’
Captain McBastard: Do you have Brine Mist Generator?
Checkout Demon: What does this look like? The Mark of Cain-Mart?

Captain McBastard: That’s some mighty fine work Hellforge Jorge!
Hellforge Jorge: Cheers.

Pet Store Demon: What can I do for you, little guy?
Captain McBastard: Do have a parrot proportionate to my size?

Hell Parrot: Rraaahkhkhk!!!
Captain McBastard: Hmmm... 

The Captains Inn... Balcony.
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