"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 048 Bending Over Backwards

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Cap. Witherspoon: Did you hear something?
Eve-5000: One prisoner lost.
Cap. Witherspoon:“Prisoner”? Listen, lady, the crew has abandoned ship. We are now, pretty much, the crew.
Eve-5000: Contemplating...

Cap. Witherspoon: Then, as longest serving prisoner holding the rank of Captain I assume leadership of this vessel. Agreed?
Eve-5000: Agreed.
What is your first order, Captain Witherspoon?

Cap. Witherspoon: Well... to arm the men, and if possible; get this vessel to dry land.
Eve-5000: I can guide you to the armoury and alter course to the nearest island.
Cap. Witherspoon:Wow really? What manner, exactly, of woman are you anyway?
Eve-5000: That revelation may be harmful to your health.
Cap. Witherspoon:Oh? Uh...  Best let it be then... do you know where that creature is?
Eve-5000: Yes, I see all on this ship. I can guide you there without incident.
Crewman 1: My god, what’s it doing to Ralph?

Crewman 2: Eck!  I sure hope he’s proper dead the way it’s twisting him about like that.
Crewman 1: Sweet merciful mother of motherly mercy!
Crewman 2: What mockery of life is that?!?
Triskull: Rise...
Good boy, go fetch!

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