"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 047 Crate Suzette

the Crate creepshow crepe suzette red lobster seafood cutlery bib airlock depressurisation HPNS the bends cabin feaver das boot the abyss heltricity satanic lightning red aquatic sub-mariner aliens hicks apone hudson drake weirzbanski frost gorman ripley viper dodge viper FTO
Ship Computer: Airlock activated.
Lt. Pipeblower: I don’t know what “Airlock” is but that sounds suspenseful.
Ship Computer: Unauthorised entry detected.
Cap. Witherspoon: Alright. There’s no safe way off this ship, and we can’t hide indefinitely...
Cap. Stable: Well I’m going to need to be armed with more than a silver marrow fork to fight whatever the hell that thing is, if that’s what you’re planning.

Triskull: Mmm... something smells good.
Crewman: Eat crate, four-eyes!!!
Triskull: Seriously?
Eat heltricity, crate-boy!

Orb-brother Frost: What is it Orb-brother Drake have you found a clue?
Orb-brother Drake: Yes Orb-brother Frost, I believe so.
Orb-brother Frost: Well?
Orb-brother Drake: You know how Vipers are the most terrifying looking thing in the ocean?
Orb-brother Frost: Yes...
Orb-brother Drake: This one appears to have died of fright.
Orb-brother Frost: Sweet Neptune!!! I think we’re on track.

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