"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 045 The Uneven chance

The Uneven Chance Horblower the even chance Mr Simpson Mr Kennedy Mr Hornblower Mr Clayton tetnus lockjaw open sesame red window party  adam and the ants adam ant ant music

Red Triskull: Sounds like a party in there…
well surely they meant to invite the new kid in town.
No… don’t get up, I’ll show myself in.
Oh, they forgot to leave the front door open.
Look out teeth, look out gums….
Look out stomach, here it comes…
Heinrich Von Bastard: So how did you go from a sailor-suit boy to all… Adam and the Ants?
Captain Wormwood: What does that mean?
Heinrich Von Bastard: How did you become captain of this oddly named ship?
Captain Wormwood: That was largely due to a tyrant midshipman called Sampson.  I’d joined the ship in his absence and he returned as we were leaving England.  He was a bully who had quite a hold over the other men.

Midshipman Wormwood: What do you mean by helping yourself to my food, sir?
Midshipman Sampson: Johnson! acquaint young snotty here of the way of things.
Midshipman Johnson: Mr.Sampson may levy a toll upon our seachests for fresh shirts. Likewise our issue of spirits, and the best cuts of meat go to him.
Midshipman Wormwood: Eh… why?
Midshipman Johnson: He is senior officer in the mess.
Midshipman Wormwood: But, we’re all midshipmen. Surely…
Midshipman Sampson: Surely nothing!!! There is but one law in this mess; render unto Caesar. And I’ll leave it to you to figure which of us is Caesar and which is to do the rendering.
Midshipman Wormwood: Alright, you’re Caeser.
Midshipman Sampson: Very good… young..? Young..? I haven’t had the pleasure?
Midshipman Wormwood: Oh My apologies, where are my manners… Midshipman Caesar, you may call me Midshipman Brutus.
Captain Wormwood: …and the next thing I knew I was sitting over his still-twitching corpse eating my bloody haunch.
Midshipman Sampson: Et…   tu…

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