"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 043 Mate, Spawn, and Die

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Heinrich Von Bastard: So who is she and where did she come from?
Atlantian Guide: The great founders of the new Atlantis and saviours of our race had entrapped her in this icy prison.  Apparently her kind was common in the north in the days they came.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Well I’m taking her.
Atlantian Guide: For slaying the Kraken, fair enough. But there’s that other problem you might want to sort out first.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Ah yes... I have a plan.
To the Orb of Spawning!
Atlantian Guide: Eh... it’s right behind us.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Excellent.

Heinrich Von Bastard: Go my Army of Atlantian orbspawn find the... oh no wait. We better get you some clothes.

[Some time later...]

Heinrich Von Bastard: Excellent.
Atlantian Guide: Ahh... Where did you get these skulls from?
Heinrich Von Bastard: There was an abundant supply aboard those shipwrecks that sank to the ocean floor.
Right then, well I’ll be off. Ciao.
Atlantian Guide: What?!? You’re leaving? What about the red triskull thing? Aren’t you going to at least see that through?
Heinrich Von Bastard: The eighteen foot army should be able to take it.
Atlantian Guide: Well, what if they can’t? What if we again need your help?
Heinrich Von Bastard: Easy. You got mirrors?
Atlantian Guide: Yes.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Find one, face it, and simply say my name six hundred and sixty six times, and I’ll be summoned immediately behind you.
Atlantian Guide: Just... six hundred and sixty six times, eh.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Preferably outdoors.

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