"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 042 A Song of Ice and Lightning

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Ship Computer: ...and now left, yes, Food and Beverage are in the two rooms ahead.

Captain Witherspoon: Alright lads this way, I’m afraid it shall only be pirate grade supplies, not the fine English Navy stuff you’re accustomed too. I’ll take Crewman Murphy to help me carry what I can rummage, if Lieutenant  Pipeblower would be so kind as to assist Captain Stable in make some drink selections.
Liutenant Pipeblower: Yes Sir.
Crewman: No more prisoner rations for us lads!
Captain Witherspoon:  Well, this is quite a stash; Goose liver Pate, various smoked fish, Quail Eggs, Cured Ham, Beluga and Almas Caviar, La Bonnotte... it’s a very strange diet for pirates.
Ah Captain Stable, how’s the drinks room?

Captain Stable: So... beautiful. It’s the most beautiful thing I think I’ve ever seen in my life.

Heinrich Von Bastard: Okay, newly formed minion, come your creator.
There’s a good fellow, now-
Red Triskull: I am no one’s minion!
Heinrich Von Bastard: ARGH!!! LIGHTNING BREATH!!
What’s that about?!?
Red Triskull: Mwahahhahah
Atlantian Guide: Are you okay? What are we going to do?
Heinrich Von Bastard: Yikes, he’s tough. But I think I know a way we can... Wait, why is my hand so cold? What the hell is...
Oh, snap. Hey, when were you planning on brining THIS to my attention?!?
Atlantian Guide: Oh, I don’t know. Maybe, say, ten seconds after you DIDN’T create that unholy abomination off to terrorise the ocean.
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