"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 041 Thoracic Park

orb of translocation orb of spawning transmutation cellular fusion reproduction genetic molecular redistribution octopus triskull cannibalingus skull spinal tentacle  thorasic grip

Heinrich Von Bastard: What’s that funky looking thing? Some sort of underwater lava lamp? You guys get high on wacky kelp and dance naked around it?
Atlantian Guide: Er... no. That is the  ‘Orb of Spawning’
Heinrich Von Bastard: You lay eggs in there?
Atlantian Guide:No, it was made by the ancient aquatic race that  built this city and gave our race a new life here.  It was one of the ancients who touched our kind to the orb with theirs to change us and saved our civilisation from a drowning extinction.   Now ages later we keep it as a monument of reverence to our saviours.
Heinrich Von Bastard: That’s some fierce genetic tech right there.  Can I get a closer look?
Atlantian Guide:Of course, it is quite safe, as long as you do not touch it while another specie-
Heinrich Von Bastard: Hey it makes a weird sound. What is...
Atlantian Guide:Oh my...
Triskull: Aaaaaaahhhhhhggggg... the agony of birth!!!

Heinrich Von Bastard: Hmmm... well... that’s pretty nifty.
Atlantian Guide:What unholy thing has been brought into creation?!?
Heinrich Von Bastard:  Also, why do you have stairs in an underwater city?

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