"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 040 Spanish Barfly

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Captain Oarsum: Leaving the Death Ward in the basement of the Irish mission in which we woke, we continued on. We could not let your Father spend eternity in the torments of Hell for such a crap inning. So again we found the trail of destruction, absorbing much horror for, even, two who had actually, literally been to Hell.
The Trail ended at a beach, where many English soldiers lay incinerated before the remains of a small pier.
It was much later that I had heard the giant had been captured and drowned by Lords Wellington and Nelson.

Lieutenant Seawalker: What happened to Private Stout?
Captain Oarsum: His new abilities got him to Sergeant pretty quick, but he was later sent to Australia to guard convicts for his excessive duelling; a hobby born out of his new found unfair advantages.

If you want to avenge your Father you must go to the town of ‘Fuego de la Sombra’ in Spain, there you will find the Spaniard who will send you to Hell to the master who trained me.

Lieutenant Seawalker: Where in this town will I find him?
Captain Oarsum: Probably in some Dago Bar.



Heinrich Von Bastard: Ah, excellent work! I can’t wait to poke something’s eyes out with this baby.
So I just flex my severed muscles and it launches?


Ooohhh... nice work.

Atlantian Engineer: Well your design was awfully specific; it was just a matter of ironing out the physical impossibilities.
Luckily, Atlantian Tether compresses quite well and should give you some serious range.
Heinrich Von Bastard: Ah... I’ve gotten it dirty already.
Atlantian Engineer: How in Hades did it get stuck in that manner?

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