"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 039 Death Ward

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Private Stout: Eat this!
Young Lieutenant Oarsum: For King and Country!
Lieutenant Seawalker Snr: Oh Christ on a crumpet.  
Captain Von Bastard: Ooohh... that’s probably-
Captain Von Bastard: Oh, Cabinhammer of smiting, you were too beautiful for this world.
Young Lieutenant Oarsum: Huh...?
Sergeant Connolly: Go easy lads, go easy, do your country proud now, and die easy. Don’t put up a stru-
Young Lieutenant Oarsum:Hey, you, Sergeant, Rum! NOW!!!
Sergeant Connolly: Holy crap, you were practically dead when you got here... this is imposs- eeee... I’d get someone upstairs to have a look at that eye.
Private Stout:Can I get some of that jug action too, Sir?
Sergeant Connolly: Eh... rare exception lads... as I was saying, go easy, there’s no recovery now- oh, uh. Hmmm


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