"Captain-Half-Face-Jack-McBastard-the-Giant-Pirate" : 038 Cabin Fever

Sharpes Gold Death cult Cabin Mace 2h mace 264 gear dry cleaning pressed ironed dry clean spanish grond melkor morgoth fingolfin  red smoke silmarillion anakin skywalker darth vader duel wield uproot foundation mast flag pole flag union flag union jack wood cabin cabinhammer of smiting demon eye trigun

Captain Oarsum: And so we thanked the Spaniard, and gave him all our coin. And he gave us our coats pressed and dusted.
Quite a service really...
We followed the wave of destruction for two days until we saw him and decided on a three point attack.
The great bastard had destroyed British outpost when we got to him, uprooting the last building by it’s flagpole.

Captain Von Bastard: Nnngghh... Upsydaisy

Lieutenant Seawalker Snr: Charge!!!
Captain Von Bastard: Sweet, a mace. Huh
Captain Oarsum: Your father took the beast head on whipping of his jacket and calling the bastard out, while Stout and I were heading around to flank.
Your father, was too fast...

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